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Wood Veneer And Furniture

What have we used in the caravan coating and furniture? What materials have we used as materials that are not harmful to health, and the layout plan of our caravan on paper is in this article ...

We have finally reached the coating and furniture stage of our caravan, I think this stage will make all the invisible works visible.

First of all, I recommend you to find a good master who understands these fine works, depending on the availability of the place and your hand.

Step 1

Our first step is to cover the side walls and ceiling, we chose pine paneling for this process. In fact, in such applications, the general use is to use lightweight and water-resistant materials, but almost all such materials contain harmful substances and poison you inside as you breathe, water contrast, plywood, chipboard, MDF, etc. etc. (Formaldehyde), we will be sharing a detailed content on the harmful effects of these substances.

Since we are living in a small space, the use of healthy materials is of utmost importance to us, so we tried to give up many things and choose materials that do not harm our health as much as we can.

Pine paneling will contribute to our insulation by creating the final layer of the insulation that I have made, and will allow us to cover the curves of the vehicle without losing space, and will emit the smell of pine like miss.

We create a wooden frame to be attached to the sheet with smart screws to the frame parts of the vehicle in order to drive the wainscot with headless nails.

Then, according to the size of the panels you have and the chassis length of your vehicle, you start from the longest part of the paneling. The purpose of this is to be able to make the coating using the least addition.

As you lay the panels, the air of the vehicle begins to change.

When the cladding part comes to the windows, we continue to fit the frame and cover it so that the Plisseri flyscreen-curtain frames remain in the panel.

It is useful to make the panels in the ceiling covering (The equivalent of the confusing expression: the joints of the paneling are not always made from the same place and in this way the joints of the paneling do not stand out like a line).

The coating of the side walls and ceiling of our vehicle is finished, the fragrance of pine has already surrounded the car;)

We covered the edges of the plisser flyscreen-curtain frame,

The plisser fly-curtain pair looked great in the wood.

Step 2

After covering the side walls, ceiling and front part, we cover the floor, we used laminate flooring for the floor, make sure that the laminate flooring you will use has an E1 certificate, laminate flooring contains formaldehyde, but having an E1 certificate means using formaldehyde at levels that do not threaten health.

Step 3

After covering every part of the vehicle, our next step is the furniture part.

Step 4

Our last step is the application of Clou linseed oil (linseed oil), we preferred to use linseed oil used by the ancients instead of other chemical protections. It is completely natural material, suitable for all types of wood.

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