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Window Selection and Installation

In this article with the details of caravan glass types, caravan window assembly, what kind of window we preferred and where you can get it ...

Window Selection

There are 2 types of window models that you can use as glass in the caravan;

  1. Fiberglass windows
  2. Normal sliding window

As the name suggests, fiberglass windows are not normal windows, the type of window that I do not like due to the plastic-mica air made of fiber material, in my opinion, glass noise will come when clicking the glass, not a plastic sound;) They also suffocate me when I look outside through fiber glass.

Since fiberglass caravan glasses are usually imported from abroad, they are very expensive, the effect of € on this is great.

You can find sliding caravan windows in domestic production, they are usually produced as tempered (when broken, it means breaking into small pieces that will not harm you).

Moreover, you can have 4 windows made for less than half the price of a fiberglass imported window.

We chose the sliding glass model and procured our glasses from willglass company.

Factory Bursa / Turkey is in, I get the windows are ordered according to the information I wanted to get myself because I trust no one shipping company.

I was greeted so warmly in the factory, they sincerely showed me around the factory and even showed me the tests they had done, a few pictures from my factory tour;

Willglass has also been the reason for preference for us as it performs all the turnkey operations with the most affordable price within its own structure. Every transaction going to another company is reflected to you as a plus price.

Willglass is one of the rare companies that has machines that can cut all window sizes, and can even make the frame itself. (Maybe it may be the only company) For this reason, I could not find a place that can make it more affordable than Willglass.

If you want to make your caravan dream come true at an affordable price and think that I should put a few windows in my caravan, we strongly recommend Willglass.

Installation of Windows

Step 1

According to the size of the window, draw the places to be mounted on your vehicle by first marking the corners and then joining the points. Drawing is very important because it is not reversible after cutting.

After drawing the window locations, make the drawing made inside and outside the vehicle.

Afterwards, cut the places you have drawn with a stone engine, make sure that there is not anything inside the vehicle during cutting because there is too much spark from the stone engine, if there is any material or flammable thing in the vehicle, definitely protect it.

Step 2

We remove the roughness and slipperiness of the paint on the edges of the cuts with red felt.

Likewise, we use the red felt to remove the slipperiness of the window frames, this way the silicone will hold stronger on the non-slippery ground.

We drill holes for the rivets on the corners of the windows and then prepare the silicon to pull and stick on the frame.

Step 3

We stick the siliconized frames in their places.


All our windows are the last state after they are installed

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