Build Your Van

Preparing for Conversion

Before starting the caravan transformation, we tried to explain what needs to be done as a preparation stage ...

Vehicle Service Maintenance

After purchasing the vehicle you want to make a caravan, the first thing you need to do is to take the vehicle to the authorized service and have it maintained.

Even if the maintenance time has not come, I definitely recommend you to take it and make maintenance. If the previous owner also had the maintenance done by the authorized service, you can view the old records from the authorized service's systems and print them.

We have taken out the old records of our vehicle and put them in a file, and we have reset the history of the vehicle by having the new maintenance done even though it was not due, we will make the next maintenance regularly at the authorized service and add invoices and documents to our file, so that the vehicle has a resume.

If we want to sell our vehicle in the future, we see this as necessary in order to reveal its entire history and to ensure that the new buyer knows what kind of car he / she bought without misleading it.

Cleaning and Painting

Before starting the caravan conversion, make sure that the interior of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, because such vehicles are generally used dirty without paying attention to cleanliness, since cleaning consists of holding pressurized water at the rear, the dirt scattered around with pressurized water is under the front seats and under the threshold of the doors at the rear. accumulates over time.

You will not be able to do this kind of detailed cleaning again, as the entire back will be covered after the conversion.

Do not think that I will cover it anyway, there is no need for such cleaning, these filths will make you smell in your vehicle over time and you will not find where the smell comes from, and I am not talking about the germ part it will contain, if you want a healthy and clean caravan, I recommend you not to go easy during the cleaning phase ;)

Your next step after cleaning is to sand and paint all the rusty parts inside and outside the vehicle.

If you do not remove the rust, over time the rust will return like a virus to other non-rusty parts of the vehicle, so it is very important to remove the rust, because after the coating and the installation of the solar panels, you will not find this opportunity again.

While we were cleaning, we cleaned some of the plastics that we removed very well, but when the plastics dried, some of the dirt came back stubbornly, they did not want to go away, so if we are making paint, the idea came to paint these plastics, I handed over the task to my wife who does the best paint job ;).

Of the plastics we have painted in the images below, these are extra, whether you can paint or not, how comfortable you are.

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