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Dry Compost Toilet

The dry compost toilet we prefer in our caravan. It is waterless, solid waste free and healthy. So what is this dry compost toilet and how it works, in our article ...

It happens without water.

An adult produces an average of 1.5 kg of stool per day.

This stool consists of 100-150 grams of solid and 1.2-1.5 liters of liquid.

The nutrient contained in two feces is sufficient to grow 200 kg of wheat per year.

Because of our toilet habits that started to become taboo in childhood, every use of the flush mixes nature's food cycle with the water cycle.

Even today's highly developed wastewater treatment plants never reach the initial purity.

Being able to achieve this actually means protecting water resources from nutrient content, pathological bacteria and toxins.

If even in the most technologically advanced treatment plant this process cannot be achieved with its initial purity, how unreasonable it is to pollute our water as a transport vehicle for faeces and waste tons of water for this purpose.

What is it and How Does it Work?

Thanks to this system, which has been used in ecological farms for years, you do not waste water, it is a system that does not need any industrial cleaning agents to clean and does not produce solid waste.

Dry compost system is the most suitable for caravan,

In a nutshell;

Solid waste is collected in a separate tank from the liquid waste, the chambers are completely separate from each other.

A closed environment is created in which nitrogen cycle can occur,

solid waste dehydrates and becomes dehydrated as time passes and loses its volume over time

finally it turns into soil.

After the toilet, by turning the lever next to the toilet, you both ventilate the soil and accelerate the compost process by covering the solid waste with soil.

There are holes on opposite sides of the chamber where the solid waste is stored (ventilation is important in the nitrogen cycle) to allow air flow, one side to draw air from the environment and on the other to expel the air after circulating in the chamber, connect a small fan to the hole for the air to go out, and you take it to the hose and the air circulating in the chamber is thrown out of the vehicle..

Liquid waste is pure urine, so it is an ideal fertilizer for large trees.

Nature friendly

So you leave manure to the environment instead of waste.

We have been so detached from the soil that we cannot see the power of the soil, we do not see how the excrement of all kinds of animals disappears on the soil, we do not think..

We should now see that many products sold to us are produced with the principle of first producing problems, then solving the problems.

We have wholeheartedly believed that our natural excreta is cleaned with unnatural chemicals.

Billions of dollars spent on sewerage systems, even worse, are the planetary resources spent on this business that we cannot replace.

Our seas are polluted, our waters are polluted, our land is poisoned, our health is taken away from us consciously.

We think we flushed out and got rid of waste, whereas this is nothing more than triggering bigger disasters..

How to Clean?

You just need to clean it with vinegar water, of course, not market vinegar, but real vinegar fermented naturally.

it is that simple

Is There Smell?

Absolutely no smell.

The combination of solid waste and urine is what makes the smell anyway..

General View of Our Toilet

Unfortunately, this toilet is not available in our country, but the distributor company looking to Europe provides shipping here, it came to the address we gave about 1 week after we placed the order without being attached to the customs.

You can check it at

You can do it yourself

Before we bought this toilet, we made a compost toilet ourselves, if you do not want to get into operations such as bringing it from abroad, you can do it yourself.

The compost toilet we made was as follows;

Afterwards, we covered the wooden box with the chrome material that we covered the bathroom of the vehicle, and we made a separate chamber for solid and liquid inside..

We left a hose outlet to mix the soil into the solid reservoir and a handle fluid reservoir to send the liquid to a canister with a faucet placed under the vehicle..

We drilled enough holes on both sides of the solid chamber to fit a small computer fan, and connected a computer fan on one side, and left the other empty for air intake.

The problems we had were;

Its size was very large and coarse, it narrowed our already small bathroom well
The arm we placed in the solid chamber came weak, it started unable to turn the peat we put in
The hole we drilled for the liquid was small and we could not give the slope correctly, I guess the urine was waiting for a while in the chamber and then it was going to the tank, and over time it created residues and made the hole even smaller.
Since urine was waiting, it started to smell.

For these reasons and because we do not have time and space to toilet again, we bought a ready-made product.

Those who have the opportunity can make their own compost toilets by paying attention to the problems we encounter.

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