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These terms govern the terms of use of Please read the terms of use below before using All users who use in any way will be deemed to have accepted to comply with the terms on this page. is a 4FLYY International Software & Hardware Hizm.Ltd.Şti. It is the service. The term "User" in this text refers to any natural or legal person using the site in any way, with or without member login.

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Features such as sections visited and clicked areas are automatically recorded during the circulation of the users of site. These data are used only for the determination of the rates of monitoring and following of the sections and different areas. In cases where the technology called "cookie" determines where the pages are visited or how they are visited, it is also collected as statistical data in determining the tracking and clicking rates of different areas of the site; It is not a personal application. The aim of this technology is to make the content of the sections that users visit more frequently, more easily accessible to the user since the first visit to the site. makes no commitment to provide uninterrupted or certain service to the users of the site. In the same way, the operation and administration of will be error-free and uninterrupted, any problems and defects will be corrected, has been removed from harmful elements and viruses. does not make suggestions and recommendations and no guarantee or guarantee is given to the user in these matters.

The job belongs to the information that fully shares the responsibility for the content it shares on 4FLYY International Software & Hardware Hizm.Ltd.Şti. in no way responsible.

The information in this is provided only to inform the user; it is not a recommendation for legal, medical, financial, investment, tax, accounting and other similar matters. You are solely responsible for any action you take, relying on the information posted on

At,, it is threatening, humiliating, humiliating, pornographic, offensive or moral, creating or promoting a criminal situation. It reserves the right to change, refuse to publish or take down any information and materials that violate gender and racial discrimination, and to freeze and terminate the membership of the users involved.

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Users are obliged not to violate the legal rights of third parties in any way when using any content or communication system of does not accept any legal and criminal liability for such violations and any legal and criminal liability arising exclusively from these violations belongs to the User.

Direct and / or indirect material and / or moral negative and / or positive and / or indirect material and / or non-pecuniary and / or positive benefits arising from access to this website, both information and / or portal services Regardless of the name, members of the board of directors, managers, employees, and those who prepare the information and / or portal services on this site cannot be held responsible.

Any behavior or process that aims to render inoperative, slow down significantly or damage software and hardware systems is prohibited. It is also included in this prohibition that a large number of inquiries or membership registrations using automated programs or a large number of requests or information are sent to the site via automated methods. has the right to block the access to the site and initiate legal action for the Users it has determined to engage in such activities. is not responsible for the content and quality of the site, products or services that it links to, promotes via banner or other means.

Users of the website will not transmit any kind of content, software or any other material containing a virus or other harmful element to the website.


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All materials on the site, including the software, are protected in accordance with the legal legislation on Intellectual and Industrial Rights. users are not limited to any type of text, photo, video, software, information, visual, audio materials, and other applications and / or their uploads to if processed, and / or sound recordings and / or any form of arrangement and versions created and / or any and / or associated determinations (hereinafter referred to as "Content"), from ownership of the work. and its financial rights in the form of reproduction, dissemination, processing, signal sound and / or image transfer arising from the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, and their associated rights arising from being an executive and / or producer, determining the time and place and making any changes in the work and the rights arising from the design, the brand, the design. registration of bees and application to products and all other intellectual and industrial rights, personal rights of image / sound / content owners, in any media / platform / product / material / organization determined by etc. (radio, TV, internet, cinema, direct marketing activities, press conferences, electronic and digital / digital media such as wap, kiosk, cell phone, including telephone and IVR music, telephone ring tones, etc.) Added Valuable Services (Cell broadcast, WAP / GPRS, mobile music, mobile video, play while playing, Mobile TV, Videostreaming and all other song download services and / or new generation mobile technologies that will develop after this date), all kinds of services, media, satellite, cable other digital, including wire and wireless all vehicles and not limited to those stated in such a way that can be transferred in the order to be valid, and others, without any time and media restrictions in Turkey and to be used in the world, that any amount without demanding circuit, said Contents of prior authorization to be published and / or determined by itself third persons view / monitor and said content, and such content with relevant system records (content loading system, subtraction, etc.) by the recorded / processing and meat consent to be shared with the supplier infrastructure is considered, and warrants.

Users of are expected to use all means of reproduction, dissemination, processing, signaling, audio and / or image transfer on the content in question and any Intellectual and Industrial rights constituting the content. 48 and 52 of FSEK from subordinates, related works or rights holders, or professional associations to which they are affiliated. nd convenient and unlimited writing to the health conditions laid down in Article indefinitely, without any registration period listed above in Turkey and all over the world, including all kinds of products / platforms / materials / organization / media, etc. in by accepting and undertaking that they have taken over, to obtain permission, to be transferred to third parties to be valid, and that they have the responsibility of all the fees that must be paid to the Professional Associations, and that they have the right and the legal authority to transfer these rights, they accept and undertake that any third party, directly or indirectly, does not have any encumbrance, financial or moral or commercial right under these names.

These Terms of Use to the Republic of Turkey, the laws are applied. If any article of this agreement becomes illegal, invalid, or legally inapplicable for any reason, that article may be removed from this agreement. However, this does not affect the validity and legal applicability of the remaining items.

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