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Caravan Types and Caravan Selection

The first choice for those who think of living in a caravan or an activity related to a caravan is to choose a caravan. In this article, we have examined in detail what kind of caravan we chose and what types of caravans.

Class B Motorhomes (Campervan)

Class B motorhomes are motorhomes created by converting them from panel van-style commercial vehicles to caravans that you can use with a B-class license.

You can easily use it in the city, you can stay in parking lots because you will not be noticed as they do not look like a caravan from the outside.

Our preference was the B class motorhome, so we purchased an iveco daily 35c15 model closed box panel van.

However, if you are thinking of this type of motorhome, the recommendations usually focus on fiat ducato, citroen jumper, peugeot boxer models. The reason for this is that the vehicles of these brands have a square shaped body, which can provide you with a larger living space.

We had to buy it because we found only the iveco daily model as a low-mileage vehicle.

The double rear wheels strengthen the roadholding, the 3.0 engine does not cause you any performance problems when you load the vehicle, but accordingly, the gas consumption and tax increases, and unlike other models, the rear-wheel drive can provide extra performance in difficult winter conditions and slopes.

For a motorhome or a campervan, the SCT age is 6.

The first exit date to traffic must be 5 years old.

Please consider this information in your vehicle research.

Otherwise, there is 140% SCT.

These rules may be specific to Turkey, please check the rules for your own country.

Tent Towing Caravans

Tent caravans generally include a covered trailer used to store kitchen and camping equipment and a tent that opens for sleeping and living space.

They are usually small enough to be towed by light and small vehicles, and there are also off-road versions for rough terrain.

Camper Towing Caravans

Camper caravans, which we can describe as the upper class of tent caravans, are generally more comfortable and useful, but they can still be easily towed by small vehicles.

They are generally easy to install and can provide generous rooms and equipment, including gas hobs, refrigerators, tables and sinks.

Caravan With Rising Roof

Caravans with soaring ceilings are similar to fully-equipped caravans, some may even be en-suite, with a sunroof providing half a meter of headroom.

During the journey, the opening part is closed and the wind resistance decreases, so the gas consumption is also reduced. The lowering of the ceiling makes it possible to enter the car garage or parking garages.

Towing Caravans

Travel caravans are very diverse in size and function, they can be up to 10 meters long.

Usually they have two comfortable beds, but can have six or more beds depending on the type and size.

Some of them have mechanisms opening outwards, providing extra space and spaciousness.

Seated Caravans

Seat caravans are designed to be seated in the back of a pick-up or pickup truck, and can have features similar to a caravan according to the design.

Fifth Wheel Towing Caravans

Fifth-wheeled caravans can only be towed by pickup-style vehicles with higher engines, their ceilings are higher than regular caravans, their width and length are considerably larger, and they have expanded compartments.

They are exactly the same for those looking for a luxury caravan and are just as expensive.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are generally 7-12 meters long and 7-14 tons of top class motorhomes, they cannot be used with a B class driving license, they are located on the truck chassis.

They are usually equipped with all luxury comforts.

C Class Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are formed as a result of the rear chassis of van-style vehicles, and they are high and wide.

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